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Jiangsu dahu chemical science and technology co., ltd.

Jiangsu Dahu Chemical Science and Technology Co., Ltd is located in 214 kilometers of Danyang Lingkou of No. 312 national highway. The position is very superior with good environment condition. The company is a professional factory of production a shrinking diethylene glycol double propylene carbonate (ADC) . In 2008, the company joined in "Dalishen Science&Technology Group". In 2005, we had developed new industrial production process, which can produce ADC with three-allyl chloride, carbon dioxide, diethylene glycol as raw materials. This technology is still staying in laboratory stage in the world. All indexes of the products’ quality are reached completely and partly over the standard. According to the recognition from over 20 domestic manufacturers of resin lens, this kind of product can completely replace the imported production and realize the nationalization. These products have very big price advantage. In August 2006, this process obtained the state Patent (Application No. 200610088497.2). In 2007 the process was list on the torch plan of jiangsu province.

The company decides to invest 200 million yuan to build the new project with annual output of 20000 tons on scale shrinks diethylene glycol double propylene carbonate (ADC) in Danyang economic development zone. This product can not only ensure domestic the needs, but also will satisfy the international market.

We sincerely hope and invite domestic and foreign users and colleagues to come to instruct and investigate. We feel thankful to the domestic and foreign customers. And we will do our best to satisfy the majority of customers with high-quality products and services.

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