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Jiangsu yatai optical co., ltd.

Jiangsu Yatai Optical Co., Ltd is located in Danyang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. Adjoining the national largest eyeglasses market - Danyang Eyeglasses Market, the closed neighbor Huning railroad and highway, our company is an ideal choice for business and tourist with excellent situation and convenient traffic. We, Yatai, are a leading manufacturer for optical material, specialized in producing UV optics lens, resin lens, mould semi-finished materials, the special specification lens as well as the optical material. The crystal handicraft material and each kind of crystal handicraft production enterprise, yearly produce each kind of lens semi-finished materials 120 million tons, the resin lens semi-finished materials 800 tons, the optical material 8,000 tons, the crystal handicraft material 15,000 tons products are sold to everywhere all over the world. Moreover, the company is able to produce diameter ф 40mm ~ ф 90mm, thickness 3mm ~ 18mm each kind of tune luminosity and the double convex optics lens mould semi-finished materials, and may act according to the customer on the special demand production heterogeneous type glass semi-finished materials and crystal craft.

The company develops the technological progress continuously, dares to innovate, diligently pursues the product quality, mades the product quality unceasingly to enhance, and has won the domestic and foreign customers favors.

The company, cares the products’ quality and the prestige in the service activity, we will fill with the sincere hope in the domestic and foreign general customers to pick up the future of eyeglasses profession and optical material.

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