Industrial Structure-Jiangsu Dalishen Science &Technology Group-The Great Staff Creates Great Enterprise

Dalishen science and technology group co.,ltd.
Dalishen Science and Technology Group Co.,Ltd,which located in Danyang economic zone and nears the Shanghai-Nanjing railway and Shanghai-Nanjing highway,is very convenient for its’ good geographical position.With covering over 100 thousand square meters totally and 16 thousand square meters of productive area,our company has a great deal of experience of producing concrete steel moulds for electric poles, steel bridges pipedies and centrifuges.What’s more,our staff have good professional qualities and great worth.Our company also have four new modern pipedie assembly lines.

Dalishen science and technology group co.,ltd,which has dismantling technological equipments and modern welding&anti-deforming technology,lets all the products’s quality up to or over the industry standard.We can design products with good quality according to customers requests.

“Customers’ satisfaction is our persuit.”is our corporate’s philosophy.

“There’s no market without products with good quality and there’s no future without enterprise’s management.”is our corporate’s management conception.

Our company is people-oriented and united.We are focus on the research and development of building materials and machinery industry and also trying to make contributions to that industy with innovative technology and tight management.

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