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Dalishen aluminum industry co., ltd.

Established in Year 2010 Dalishen Aluminum Industry stock Co.,Ltd, is a subsidiary company of Dalishen Science & Technology Group. It is high-tech enterprise and specialized in the field of wide,high precision aluminum and aluminum alloy plate, strip,foil.

The company is located in the "new material industry base of national torch plan projects”----Danyang economic development zone northern industrial park, Jiangsu Province, with registered capital of 400 million yuan, covers an area of more than 400000 ㎡, and construction with modern, intelligent, garden-style office building, in fully enclosed hot rolling and cold rolling production workshop, R&D technology center and 110 kv substation, etc. 

of the technology, optimized the industrial structure, to creating the core competitiveness of the enterprise, the group made a strategic decision of the aluminum development. Through the whole firm business acquisition  from the largest bi-metallic alloys production enterprise (Aleris) in Canada, North America, we have taken over all the equipment, facilities and technology. The original Aleris company in Canada Aleris , is a 70years experienced company in researching and developing of the new technology of alloy aluminum. Which had decades experiences of aluminum alloy smelting, casting, brazing, hot rolling, cold rolling, foil rolling and finishing production process technology. Group brought back all the production equipment and the technology data from the foreign advanced production line. On this basis, we adopted more scientific and more updated technology to up-grate and reconstruct the purchased equipment,to project and design the new process as well. We also establish the production-study-research cooperation with research institutes at home and abroad, the aim is to build the most advanced technology production base at Danyang City, Jiangsu Province in the field of aluminum and alloy aluminum composite material.

Project Plan 1 : the project of “150,000 tons of ultrahigh strength and high tenacity aerospace aluminum alloy plate/strip” ,mainly engaged in the production, machining and selling of the aluminum and alloy aluminum plate, belt, foil. This project through the introduction of international advanced equipment and technology,cooperated with scientific research institutes and organization such as Southeast University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tsinghua University, China Erzhong Group , to develope and produce various Specs of high strength, high tenacity, and anti-corrosion alloy aluminum materials and products. The products are mainly applied to the field of aviation, rail transportation, shipbuilding and other high-end equipment manufacturing.

Project Plan 1 : the project of “10,0000 tons of aluminum foil for radiator” . The project is mainly engaged in the production of the radiator with aluminum foil, machining and selling,etc. We renovated the original 2800mm single stand hot mill to 3300mm+2800mm (one plus one) hot strip mill , and newly purchased the 6,000 tons stretcher from Germany SMS, the bottom type of Abner quenching furnace, air cushion furnace and water immersion flaw detector from America GE. We will be able to producing various of aluminum alloy form series 1 to series 8 after put into production. Part of the product is planing to adopt the vacuum brazing, hot rolling, cold rolling and aluminum foil rolling and other advanced production technology to reach the advanced level in quality and performance. Products are mainly applied to the field of automobile radiator and civil heat exchanger.

The whole investment for the project is 3 billion yuan. After the project putting into production, the annual capacity will be reaching 250,000 tons, which could realize the annual sales of 8 billion yuan and the profit tax is prox. To 1 billion, and could completely break the monopoly of the foreign enterprises to the related products.

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